All systems operational
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Main Services Operational
VSHN Services applicable to all customers and VSHNeers
Authoritative DNS Operational
GitLab Operational
VSHN Chat Operational
VSHN IdP (SSO) Operational
VSHN Portal ( Operational
VSHN Central Operational
Managed Server and Services Operational
Infrastructure targeted at the VSHN Managed Server and Services Product (Puppet)
Puppet Infrastructure Operational
Puppet Server, Puppet CA, PuppetDB
Icinga Monitoring Services Operational
BURP Backup Infrastructure Operational
Package Cache Operational
APPUiO Managed Operational
Infrastructure targeted at the APPUiO Managed Product (Kubernetes and OpenShift)
Shared Rancher Management Server Operational
Project Syn Lieutenant Operational
VSHN Corporate Services Operational
Services mainly used by VSHNeers
Calendar / Contacts (SOGo) Operational
Confluence Operational
Discussion Forum Operational
E-Mail Operational
ERP Operational
Jira Operational
Nextcloud Operational
Odoo Tools Operational
Time Management
Passbolt Operational
VSHN Password Manager
Recruitee Operational
VSHN Recruitment Tool
Rocket Chat Operational
SnipeIT Operational
VSHN Asset Management
VSHN office Operational
Physical VSHN office at Neugasse 10, Zürich
Support Availability Operational
Incident & maintenance history
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